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CLODAGH WALSH – Social Media Manager

Clodagh is Helen’s oldest daughter and manager of LoveJane’s social media channels. She is a freshman at Emmanuel College in Boston, and is exploring multiple classes to work towards her major. She is involved in intramural soccer, and hopes to continue her work in her high school’s Campus Ministry at college. Clodagh works part-time as a hostess at her family’s restaurant and has experience as a babysitter and camp counselor. She’s not sure what she “wants to be when she grows” up but she’s had a crash course in business through doing everything from helping pick out the bag colors to creating the social media calendar. When she’s not in school or working on LoveJane, you can catch Clodagh horseback riding, cooking, spending time with friends and traveling. She can’t pick just one favorite product, so she recommends all of the Kits to everyone.