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The Beautiful Month - First PeriodThe Beautiful Month - First PeriodThe Beautiful Month - First PeriodThe Beautiful Month - First Period

The Beautiful Month - First Period


It's the LoveJane First Period Kit with refills to last the month. Be ready for your first period with all the supplies you need, a little guidance and a whole lot of love—all neatly tucked into a gorgeous little bag. It includes a pretty little booklet filled with information and inspiration about a girl’s first period. Refills and subscriptions available.


1 LoveJane bag

2 light tampons

5 pads

5 feminine wipes

5 disposable bags

1 just-in-case LoveJane Panty

The Period Book: The LoveJane Guide To Getting Your First Period


15 pads

10 panty liners

10 feminine wipes

15 disposable bags

Bag Choice
Plum LoveLinks Plum LoveLinks
Plum JaneChain Plum JaneChain
Lime LoveLinks Lime LoveLinks
Lime JaneChain Lime JaneChain
Pink LoveLinks Pink LoveLinks
Pink JaneChain Pink JaneChain
Navy LoveLinks Navy LoveLinks
Navy JaneChain Navy JaneChain
Gray Lovelinks Gray Lovelinks
Gray JaneChain Gray JaneChain
Rain Lovelinks Rain Lovelinks
Rain JaneChain Rain JaneChain