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LIFEOn May 29, 2018, the Scottish government decided to offer free period products to low-income women nationwide. The move is part of an expanded pilot that had been tested in just one city, Aberdeen, over the last year.

The efforts are being funded by the Scottish government, but will be funneled through a charity called FareShare that regularly distributes surplus food throughout the UK and has the organizational infrastructure in place to provide menstrual products to a large group of people effectively. The government is providing FareShare with £500,000 to reach an estimated 18,000 women across Scotland.

Since the effort is just a pilot at this point, there is still more work to be done and Monica Lennon, a member of Scotland’s Labour Party, is calling for free menstrual products to be available at all “schools, colleges, and universities,” regardless of a person’s income bracket.

This stance is not new for Scotland’s Labour Party, which touts a bill campaign called “Let’s End Period Poverty.” "The generosity of Scots is helping food banks and shelters to distribute sanitary products but it should never come to this,” Lennon is quoted as saying on the website. “My Bill will seek to change the law and make period poverty and stigma a thing of the past."

The nationwide pilot program, with its government backing, is the first of its kind in the world and a great step in the right direction for equitable access to vital products for women and girls.