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How to Track Your Period on Your Phone

BODYWomen have been tracking their periods for decades to keep tabs on their bodies. Period tracking is useful for many reasons, including learning what’s normal for your body, being able to reassure yourself that the reason a commercial for dog food is making your cry is not because you’re going insane but may be because you’re experiencing PMS, and being able to spot concerning changes to your cycle that you may want to consult a doctor about.

But while previous generations may have simply come up with a system for marking their cycles on a calendar, today’s women have countless apps they can turn to. Perhaps too many… It can be really overwhelming to scroll through the app store and try to figure out which one is right for your needs. So here’s a list of four you may want to check out, depending on your needs. All of these are available for iOS and Android.

1. Eve: This app is great if you want to buck the taboo of not talking about your period openly, and are looking for a community of other people with periods that you can talk to, get advice from, commiserate with, etc. Eve is essentially a social media platform for people with periods. Track your cycle, receive daily “Cycle-scopes” that forecast what you can expect from your body each day, and connect with other users.

2. Flo: For those of you who’d rather keep things more private, Flo, which is password protected, is a great option. It will continuously update predictions on your cycle and get better as you use it. The app lets you log everything from period length to flow heaviness to PMS symptoms, and will track other lifestyle factors as well, like how many steps you take, what you’re eating, how much water you’re drinking, etc. so that you can keep track of how the rest of your life affects your cycle. The app also syncs with the Apple Health Kit, allowing you to use it more easily, without manually entering things like steps.

3. Clue: If you want to reassurance that you’re using a doctor-recommended tool, this is the app for you. It offers much of the same features as Flo and Eve, but is the top app recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

4. Period Diary: Tired of keeping track of things on multiple different calendars? This app lets you track not only your period itself but also your mood and PMS symptoms, and syncs it all to the calendar on your phone so that you can tell instantly if your period will unfortunately overlap with that pool party you’re going to next week.