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From our hearts and our heads

How to Ask Another Woman for a Pad or Tampon

BODYIt’s happened to all of us—the surprise period. Whether it’s your first ever period, or your 100th period, pretty much every girl or woman you know has been in this position: you go to the bathroom and look down to see blood-stained underwear, only to realize that you don’t have any period supplies on hand.  READ MORE

Do you have to maintain your eyebrows?

BODYThe pressure to manage body hair can start early for girls, so you may notice that your classmates at school suddenly seem to have perfectly manicured eyebrows. Does that mean you should, too? The simple answer is no, not unless you want to, and you’ve talked to a parent about it (while it is your body, decisions about altering it should come with some guidance from an adult).  READ MORE

Is That Normal? A Guide to Menstrual Blood

BODYHistorically, periods have been taboo to talk about. Whether that means withholding stories about the first time you got your period or not disclosing physical discomfort when you feel it, the whole topic of conversation has been off the table. A lot of that is starting to change, slowly but surely, as women push the boundaries of open conversation, both among themselves and in public spaces. READ MORE

How to Track Your Period on Your Phone

BODYWomen have been tracking their periods for decades to keep tabs on their bodies. Period tracking is useful for many reasons, including learning what’s normal for your body, being able to reassure yourself that the reason a commercial for dog food is making your cry is not because you’re going insane but may be because you’re experiencing PMS, and being able to spot concerning changes to your cycle that you may want to consult a doctor about. READ MORE


BODYIn this day and age, most people know, generally, that they need to apply sunscreen when they go outside, but there are a lot of subtle mistakes that people make when applying sunscreen that can be the difference between burning up in 20 minutes and being able to sit on the beach for 5 hours safely. Here’s a list of all the things you should be doing to stay safe in the sun:  READ MORE


BODYSummer means: backyard barbecues, July 4th celebrations, no school, free time, reuniting with camp friends, and so many other joyful, carefree occasions. But summer can also mean: pool parties, beach days, and feeling uncomfortable in a bathing suit. READ MORE


BODYDespite that the average American woman still makes 80% of the salary that her male coworkers make, our cost of living is not 80% of a man’s. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: U.S News and World Report says that women are spending 48% more on toiletries than men are. READ MORE


BODYHow do I shave? Where do I shave? When do I start shaving? Once I start, can I ever stop? Do I have to shave? These are just a few of the many questions that might come to mind when you start noticing that you have body hair, or that your friends did and now they don’t. Shaving is one of those topics that, despite a lot of people doing it, no one really talks about. And it can be hard to ask your family or friends about it, whether that’s because it feels awkward to or because you don’t want to make it obvious that you feel out of the loop about something that everyone else seems to magically know everything about. READ MORE


BODYShould you use pads or tampons? Whether you’re new to having a period or a veteran, the perennial question still stands. Ask most women and they’ll have an opinion on the matter.  READ MORE


BODYWhen I was little I loved my hair. It was big and curly, and it made me feel unique—no one else I knew (besides my mom) looked like that. Adults used to fawn over it and lament how much time and money they spent trying to style their hair like mine. But it didn’t stick—something changed in middle school, as they do for so many of us, and what had once been a point of pride became an embarrassment, something that made me stand out when all I wanted was to fit in. READ MORE