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From our hearts and our heads


LOVESo you’ve been dating someone, but you’re not into it anymore—how do you end it? A lot of words have been spent giving advice to people who like someone and aren’t sure how to make it happen, but it can be just as hard to navigate the art of walking away. Sometimes it’s hard because you don’t know someone that well and you’re not sure if you owe them any kind of explanation, sometimes it’s hard because you were never really “together” so it feels weird to officially call it quits, and sometimes it’s hard because you’re someone who likes to avoid conflict like the plague.  READ MORE

When Doing What You Love Means Helping Others

LoveIf you’ve been following the news lately, you’ll know that the people of Flint, Michigan have been without reliably clean drinking water for over three years now. One 11-year-old girl in Colorado, troubled by the situation, decided to take it upon herself to invent a way for people to easily test their tap water to detect the presence of lead.  READ MORE