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From our hearts and our heads

Girls Scouts Add STEM badges

MINDThe Girl Scouts of America has evolved a lot since it’s founding in 1912, and continues to reshape as girls demand new roles and spaces in society. In keeping with this, the Girl Scouts this fall is offering 30 new badges that represent skills and knowledge that a modern girl should have and, unsurprisingly, many of them are related to STEM. READ MORE


MINDThe summer’s not over yet, which means there’s still time to squeeze in some last-minute summer reading. But with so many killer new releases and old standbys to choose among, where’s a girl to start? Look no further. Below are three book recommendations to cram into your last month of summer, and they satisfy a wide range of interests, from a chef’s memoir to a TK beach read to heavier but endlessly important non-fiction about the history of women’s health.  READ MORE


MINDWhat’s your reaction when someone tries to tell you girls or women can’t do something? If you’re teen explorer Jade Hameister, you ski across the South Pole. Let’s back up a bit. Hameister is only 16, but already she’s an accomplished explorer who’s trekked across many snow-covered places on ski, sled, and foot. She’s the youngest woman ever to ski across the Greenland ice cap, unassisted. READ MORE


MINDValentine’s Day can be hard. If you’re in a new relationship, the pressure to show lots of affection early on can be uncomfortable to navigate. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you might feel disappointed if your partner isn’t living up to the standard you had for the holiday when you first started dating. And if you’re single, you might suddenly be feeling down on yourself about it. READ MORE


MINDMy favorite podcast in the world is Another Round (it was a Buzzfeed podcast, but they just parted ways and are going independent). The hosts, Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton, are intelligent, funny, compassionate, and real, and they cover everything from race issues in America to intersectional feminism to why squirrels are the worst animals on earth. The episode I think about most often covered problems that women, especially women of color, face in the job market. READ MORE

Finding a Woman Role Model in the Pages of a Book

MindOver Veterans’ Day Weekend I had the good pleasure to hole up inside a cabin in the woods of New Hampshire, curled up in front a wood-burning fire with a mug of hot chocolate and the best nonfiction book I’ve ever read—no hyperbole.  READ MORE