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From our hearts and our heads

How to Do New Year’s Resolutions the Right Way

SOULYou know the drill this time of year. Magazine articles start rolling in telling you to set your New Year’s resolutions, gyms start lowering their sign-up fees or waiving them all together, and the social media posts pile up about all the great diets everyone is going on. Then February creeps in, The New Yorker runs one too many sarcastic cartoons about all the broken resolutions, and the whole charade comes crashing down. It happens every year like clockwork. READ MORE

6 Ways to Engage in Self-Care Without Spending Any Money

SoulMost of us probably don’t check in with ourselves as often as we do with the friends and family who we care about, but it’s important to establish long-term self-care routines that help you stay your best self. Self-care can look very different for everyone, but one thing I’ve noticed about a lot of the lists online that suggest replenishing activities is that they require some kind of budget—personally, spending money is something that can really stress me out, and any self-care activity that causes stress isn’t doing its job. So I came up with a list of 10 ideas for engaging in self-care without spending any money—these won’t work for any and all person, though, so feel free to add more to the list! READ MORE