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From our hearts and our heads


BODYDespite that the average American woman still makes 80% of the salary that her male coworkers make, our cost of living is not 80% of a man’s. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: U.S News and World Report says that women are spending 48% more on toiletries than men are.

This mark-up has been coined “The Pink Tax.” And there’s one simple way to avoid it: buy “men’s” products. Reaching for deodorant, razors, shampoo, or body wash that’s clearly labeled “men’s” might feel weird at first, but your body probably won’t know the difference and your wallet will thank you.

The one caveat is that you might have to navigate a different range of scents than you’re used to, but if you like the way something smells, it shouldn’t matter if it’s being marketed to men or women.

Subverting the pink tax was the conceit behind a recent Buzzfeed video, in which a group of women head to Target to buy “men’s” products to use for the week and see if the pink tax is really buying them better products.

Their general consensus? Men’s shampoo and conditioner leave much to be desired, and their women’s counterparts are worth the extra cost; men’s deodorant and razors are actually better than women’s and save you money at checkout.

Try the experiment for yourself and see what you think!