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When my friend’s daughter got her first period at school she wasn’t prepared. Sure, they’d had “the talk,” but her daughter wasn’t ready with the supplies she needed. The school nurse gave her a maxipad. Too long. Too scratchy. Just too impersonal.

This made me think about my own daughters. I wanted them to be ready for their first periods with a beautiful little kit filled with all the supplies and information they needed, and a heaping helping of love.

Then I started thinking about all of us girls and women. Are we taking care of ourselves during our periods with a little pampering and beauty? Or are we running around with maxipads in the bottom of our purses, tampons falling out of our makeup bags, panty liners as bookmarks? (Don’t laugh. I’ve seen it done.)

I’m not going say I feel blessed by every cramp, but really, there is nothing more womanly than our monthly cycles. And there is nothing more beautiful than being a woman.

Even during our periods.

Maybe even especially during our periods.

Why not be beautifully prepared? And why not equip our girls to welcome their first period like we want them to handle everything in life? With confidence, beauty and grace.

Why not love our period accessories like we love our favorite earrings, sunglasses or purse?

Why not make periods beautiful?

This is how LoveJane was born.


When you become part of the LoveJane family, you join us in helping organizations that support girls and their dreams. One such organization is Strong Women, Strong Girls. Strong Women, Strong Girls is reinventing mentoring by fostering positive mentoring relationships between college women and pre-adolescent girls in underserved communities with the vision to help every girl realize her inner strengths to dream and do.

We invite you to learn more about this world changing organization. We think you’ll be as inspired as we are.



Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We can change minds and change the world. We can move mountains or just stare at the sea. Hashtag your greatest together moments #lovejaneofficial and follow us on Instagram.

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